Meet SOSCIP’s newest academic member institutions and discover how they plan to access SOSCIP’s resources to make a positive impact.

Paving the way in data visualization and digital media research is OCAD University, North America’s largest design school and the oldest in Canada.

At the helm of Canada’s university of imagination is Dr. Sara Diamond, president of OCAD University.

Joining the SOSCIP consortium in 2015, OCAD University combines traditional strengths in art and design with a burgeoning collaborative drive in the areas of data visualization and visual representation. OCADU’s strong ties to the community and commitment to innovative research and collaboration make it a natural fit within the SOSCIP ecosystem. 

In describing the critical role that design tech­nologies play in 21st century life, Dr. Diamond says: “Both digital media and data visualization are incredibly important for communicating and providing information to communities, businesses and individuals, giving them a deeper understanding of their activities.”

“OCADU researchers are the catalysts for creating new and inventive technologies that have trans­formative impacts on society, particularly for industries such as health, urban planning, energy systems and advanced manufacturing,” says Dr. Diamond.

“OCADU researchers are the catalysts for creating new and inventive technologies that have transformative impacts on society.”

Dr. Sara Diamond, President
OCAD University

Their track record of innovative collaboration have enabled OCADU researchers to engage in important initiatives such as the Big Data Research, Analytics and Information Network (BRAIN) Alliance, which includes a host of Ontario universities and their industry partners collaborating on research projects that leverage big data to drive innovation. 

OCADU also collaborates with the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and IBM on the iCity initiative to develop and apply advanced data analysis and visualization to improve urban transportation systems.

“It’s an exciting year ahead for us,” explained Dr. Diamond, who says the university is focused on designing towards the needs of the future.

“OCADU will be valuable in providing for the design and data visualization needs of SOSCIP’s partners.”