OCE-SOSCIP partnership combines significant project funding with serious compute power for even greater impact.

In May 2015, OCE, SOSCIP and NSERC launched the Smart Computing R&D Challenge, a $7.5-million program supporting collaborative R&D projects between Ontario companies and researchers at SOSCIP academic member institutions. Supported through the OCE Voucher for Industry Association program, this program leverages the NSERC Collaborative R&D grant program so that industry cash contributions to the project are matched 3:1.

SOSCIP and OCE hosted two partnering events to help foster new collaborations that were hugely successful, bringing together more than 400 industry and academic researchers.

A total of 36 applications were reviewed by the SOSCIP Scientific Advisory Committee and 14 two-year projects valued at up to $500,000 each were approved and are now up and running on the SOSCIP platforms. In addition to enabling the development of new products and services that leverage big data analytics and advanced computing technologies, these projects will support the training and skills development of dozens of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in data science and give them hands-on industrial experience.

Approved Smart Computing R&D Challenge Projects

Principal investigator Cristiana Amza
Institution University  of Toronto
Industry partner(s) Avertus Inc.
Project title Integrated platform for distributed analytics of biometric data

Principal investigator Vaughn Betz
Institution University  of Toronto
Industry partner(s) IBM Canada Ltd., Theralase Technologies Inc.
Project title Fast and accurate biophotonic simulations for personalized Photodynamic Cancer Therapy

Principal investigator Girma Bitsuamlak
Institution Western University
Industry partner(s) Stephenson Engineering, Klimaat Consulting & Innovation, Wausau Tile Inc.
Project title Modeling of urban wind flow and its interaction with buildings

Principal investigator Fei Chiang
Institution McMaster University
Industry partner(s) IBM Canada Ltd.
Project title A dynamic and scalable data cleaning system for Watson Analytics

Principal investigator Xavier Fernando
Institution Ryerson University
Industry partner(s) PBE Canada
Project title Sensing, communications and control infrastructure for safe mining operations

Principal investigator Diana Inkpen
Institution University of Ottawa
Industry partner(s) VISR Inc.
Project title NLP for early detection of mental health issues

Principal investigator Shuo Li
Institution Western University
Industry partner(s) London X-Ray Associates
Project title Big cardiac data

Principal investigator Jianguo Lu
Institution University of Windsor
Industry partner(s) Meta Inc.
Project title Semantic scholar assistant

Principal investigator David Maslove
Institution Queen's University
Industry partner(s) Indoc Research
Project title (FoRCE): Powering clinical trials research through a secure and integrated data

Principal investigator Alex Mihailidis
Institution University of Toronto
Industry partner(s) Crosswing Inc.
Project title Ubiquitous robotics to support older adults with dementia

Principal investigator Amiya Nayak
Institution University of Ottawa
Industry partner(s) EION Inc.
Project title Big data analysis and optimization of rural and community broadband wireless networks

Principal investigator Ue-Li Pen
Institution University of Toronto
Industry partner(s) Thoth Technology Inc.
Project title Virtualized radio-VLBI digital media

Principal investigator Emil Petriu
Institution University of Ottawa
Industry partner(s) Larus Technologies
Project title Big data analytics for the Maritime Internet of Things (IoT)

Principal investigator Amer Shalaby
Institution University of Toronto
Industry partner(s) Trapeze Group ULC
Project title Joint optimization of route design and schedules for fixed route transit systems