IBM Blue Gene/Q

Canada’s fastest supercomputer is suited for large-scale distributed applications that require massively parallel processing power, such as molecular modelling, drug discovery, climate change forecasting and computational fluid dynamics.

Cloud Analytics

Canada’s first research-dedicated cloud environment hosts a broad array of IBM software tools for application development and data analytics. The Cloud is ideal for complex data analysis, streaming and managing large data volumes and data mining applications.

Agile Computing

Canada’s first multi-platform agile R&D environment uses Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology to accelerate hardware performance. FPGA cards can accomplish numerically complex tasks more efficiently and at a lower cost than a traditional CPU could do alone.

High-Security Large Memory System

The LMS platform is a single 64-core virtual system with 4.5 TB of RAM. Outfitted with the latest IBM analytics software, the LMS is ideal for data-intensive projects with huge active memory requirements.

IBM Watson

The SOSCIP Watson Platform provides a window into the IBM cognitive API’s and hosted services managed and maintained at the Queen’s University Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC). This system provides extended Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) access to the IBM Watson tools. The Watson API’s are continuously evolving to provide cognitive solutions to such challenges as: natural language recognition, tone analysis, visual recognition, IoT, conversations. The current list of available API’s is accessible through

GPU-Accelerated Platform

In the summer of 2017, SOSCIP will install its latest technology, a GPU-accelerated platform, for artificial intelligence applications, including machine learning and deep learning, as well as diverse engineering and scientific applications including materials science, astronomy and geophysics. Please contact us for further information on this platform.