Through the SOSCIP Community Fellowship, SOSCIP enables innovators & entrepreneurs from equity-seeking & equity-deserving groups via access to world-class computing platforms & collaboration opportunities with Ontario's elite colleges, universities, and businesses.

Each winning project will be awarded $10,000 to support HQP salaries.

Chris Joslin

Professor Joslin of Carleton University and Neurescence Inc. are collaborating to address the needs of a subset of epilepsy patients resistant to treatment using surgery and deep brain stimulation (DBS)

Epilepsy is a debilitating neurological condition defined by recurrent, unprovoked seizures characterized by hypersynchronous neuronal discharge. Although anti-epileptic drugs have shown effectiveness in treating epileptic seizures, approximately 30% of patients are medically refractory and not responsive to them.

This project will use computational strategies based on Neurescence’s proprietary hardware in combination with machine learning to extract a clinically relevant biomarker to support surgical planning, as well as to accurately determine seizure onset time to optimize DBS.

Yasaman Soudagar

Afshin Rahimi

Professor Afshin Rahimi of the University of Windsor and IFIVEO Canada Inc are collaborating to develop a computer vision powered digital twin of IFIVEO's manufacturing site

This project will use computer vision to generate data that acts as a digital “twin” (or a faithful digital copy) of the industry partner’s manufacturing site. Using SOSCIP’s Cloud Analytics platform, the collaborators will create a visualization of industry-standard Business Intelligence information and propose a methodology for predicting future plant performance using historical information, and market metadata.

Khizer Hayat

Asli Sari

Professor Sari of Queen's University and Thorn Associates are collaborating to reduce carbon emissions in mineral processing activities using machine learning techniques

Canada’s transition to renewable energy can see us replace fossil fuels through a combination of renewable power and lithium-ion batteries. While this approach has great potential for decreasing carbon emissions coming from energy production in the long term, to get there we will need to minimize the environmental impact of the production of these batteries. The proposed research aims to produce an adaptable machine learning model that will minimize fuel consumption at processing plants where lithium-ion batteries are produced.

The Mandate

The Mandate

SOSCIP accelerates the adoption of transformative technology through academic-industry partnerships that harness advanced computing to drive innovation. 

Through the SOSCIP Community Fellowship, we encourage innovators & entrepreneurs from equity-seeking & equity-deserving groups to realize their dreams and ambitions via access to world-class computing platforms & collaboration opportunities with Ontario’s elite colleges, universities, and businesses.

The Award

The SOSCIP Community Fellowship is $10,000 awarded to the Academic PI of a successful SOSCIP application.

SOSCIP will award four Community Fellowships through a competitive process.

We will waive the access fees for each application that meets all standard SOSCIP eligibility criteria and successfully passes the SAC review.

The award is to be only used for project-related HQP salaries.

The Requirements

Standard SOSCIP project requirements apply.

In addition:

  • Applicants and/or their team members must self-identify as a part of an equity-seeking and equity-deserving group** and/or position their proposed SOSCIP project to address issues related to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

  • Projects must be 6 to 12 months.

  • There must be a college, masters, PhD or post-doctoral fellow on the project team.

** Equity-seeking and equity-deserving groups are considered to be: women, Indigenous Peoples (First Nations, Métis and Inuit), members of visible minority/racialized groups, persons with disabilities, members of LGBTQ2+ communities, and all those who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas.

The Deadline

Community Fellowship recipients will be announced in November 2021. The deadline for submissions is October 15th, 2021. 

Contact us to begin your application for the SOSCIP Community Fellowship