Community Update – April 2020

Message from the Executive Director and the SOSCIP Team

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario-based industries and academic institutions are coming together to form strategies and provide support for this ongoing global crisis. We are so proud to be part of this resilient and pro-active community. The immediate and focused response to this crisis is a singularly encouraging sign in these unprecedented times.

As part of our work to slow the spread, SOSCIP is launching the SOSCIP COVID-19 Response. This initiative will put our high-performance computing platforms immediately at the disposal of industry-academic collaborators committed to responding to the threat of contagion, now and in the years to come. Working alongside partners in the innovation ecosystem, SOSCIP is ready to support our researchers at this crucial time.

We want to confirm that SOSCIP remains open for business. To maintain our ongoing operations, SOSCIP has adopted a work-from-home policy for all our employees until further notice. We continue to bring onboard new projects, expand our membership and provide ongoing support to active SOSCIP projects. We are currently accepting new project applications, maintaining our active Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) review cycles and fast-tracking COVID-19 related projects through our COVID-19 Response initiative. To inquire about projects and submit a proposal, contact

Faced with the extraordinary challenges we are all confronting from the spread of COVID-19, we are nevertheless committed to ensuring that this spring is a time of revitalization and renewal for our Consortium.

In addition to the launch of our refreshed advanced compute platforms, SOSCIP has continued to build its core Team to include Matthew Collins (Contracts Officer), Matthew Skogstad-Stubbs (Marketing and Communications Officer) and Meredith McLaren (Partnerships Officer). We are very excited by the contribution each will make to the SOSCIP Team.

I wish you all health, wellness and good spirits, and I hope that my next message to you will come with an announcement that we have left the worst behind.


Tibor Turi, Ph.D. P.Eng.

Executive Director, SOSCIP Consortium


SOSCIP is still open for business

As we all dig in to halt the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we want to assure you that SOSCIP’s day-to-day operations continue as usual. Projects running on our advanced computing platforms have not been affected by our decision to close our offices and have all staff work from home. SOSCIP continues to take on-board new projects, accept project applications and support our members in their work.

For more information on current projects and how to apply for access to our Advanced-GPU, Parallel CPU and Cloud Platforms, get in touch with us at


The SOSCIP COVID-19 Response 

While we continue to pursue the development of our project portfolio in areas related to AI, data science and machine learning, the COVID-19 crisis has borne a new initiative at SOSCIP. The SOSCIP COVID-19 Response aims to provide rapid access to high-performance computing (HPC) resources on our advanced computing platforms. Industry-academic partnerships committed to responding to COVID-19 will be fast-tracked, and successful applicants will be rapidly launched onto our compute systems.

If you have or know of someone who has a project in one of the following fields: advanced manufacturing, bioinformatics, molecular modelling, vaccine development and epidemiology, please get in touch with us at or directly through to find out how we can fast-track your project onto our platforms.


Online Resources – COVID-19

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