Farewell from the Executive Director

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

I am writing to share the news that I will be joining CIFAR as of  January 2, 2018, as the inaugural Executive Director of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy.

With more than 75 active collaborative R&D projects in data science, SOSCIP has never been more successful or more engaged in working with our partners and consortium members to deliver meaningful outcomes for Canada. This success is owed to the many individuals, committees and friends of SOSCIP that have supported and believed in our mandate, every step of the way. I would like to offer a special note of thanks to the Executive Committee; the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee and, in particular, our chair, Prof. Mike Bauer; and our OCE and IBM colleagues. I would also like to thank our operations and administration team – Jennifer, Jillian, Krista, Amy, Andrew, Natalia, Sedef and Chris – for their tremendous hard work and dedication to SOSCIP’s mission.

It has been an extremely busy and exciting time for SOSCIP. The launch of the IBM Watson and the GPU-Accelerated platforms has unleashed new opportunities for researchers. Government and academic and industrial partners across the country are recognizing and applauding the important work that SOSCIP is doing. These opportunities are tremendously promising for SOSCIP’s future and you will see more information on those opportunities in the months to come. I feel confident that our paths will cross again. Data science research and innovation excellence has the potential to transform the lives of Canadians and solve the important problems of the future. From advanced manufacturing to clean technology, fintech to smart buildings, solutions for these challenges will require innovative technologies and collaboration between talented researchers from across disciplines and sectors.

I have been so inspired by the SOSCIP community in my three years as Executive Director. I have discovered that innovation requires taking a calculated leap, not always certain of where you may land. And although this is farewell, I am and remain SOSCIP’s biggest and most steadfast supporter. I look forward to celebrating SOSCIP’s successes with you for many years to come.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jennifer Maclean, Interim Executive Director and Operations Manager, SOSCIP at jenn.maclean@soscip.org.


Best wishes,