UofT researchers among 50 Canadians engaged in CHIME

The Globe and Mail: Listening for the universe to chime in

On Thursday, a radio telescope in B.C. begins probing the heavens for signs of the expansion of our universe and the mysterious forces behind it. Ivan Semeniuk takes a closer look. Click here to read the full story in The Globe and Mail.

University of Toronto: CHIME is product of 50 Canadian scientists, including from University of Toronto

A new type of telescope is now detecting cosmic radio waves, thanks to a Canadian effort, including the University of Toronto, to build one of the largest astronomical research instruments in the world.

Kirsty Duncan, Canada’s minister of science, installed Thursday the final piece of this radio telescope that will bring to light some mysteries from the universe. Click here to read the fully story in U of T News.

Photo Credit: CHIME; Andre Renard, Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of Toronto