Interview with Rebecca Tran


Hello World, I am Rebecca Tran and my role within the partnerships team at SOSCIP will be to continue to foster relationships with industry and academia, making meaningful and strategic connections to push innovation forward. I am actively covering southwestern Ontario (Guelph, McMaster, Seneca, Waterloo, Western, and Wilfrid Laurier), but our team works closely and seamlessly with each other, and I look forward to bringing my talents and expertise to SOSCIP. 



Q: Could you tell us a bit about your professional background?

My professional background is diverseI have worked at private, public, and not-for-profit organizations, but I’ve always remained true to my passionworking at the intersection of technology and business. Before joining SOSCIP, my most recent appointment was with a tech startup as their Director of Business Development. 

strive to ensure that the companieI work with are recognized for their technology and innovation. Whether that means successfully securing non-dilutive funding, growing their capacity through a capital raise, or gaining exceptional talent to drive their business to the next level; all the roles I’ve had to date are in the service of the client, helping them grow and scale.  



Q: How would you explain SOSCIP’s place in the innovation ecosystem?


A: SOSCIP plays a unique role in the innovation ecosystem as a technology partner and layer in applied research between industry and academia. We are sector agnostic and focus on providing computing resources. 

In partnership with Ontario and Canada’s key funding agencies (NSERC, OCE and Mitacs, etc.) our Cloud Analytics, Parallel CPU and GPU-Accelerated computing platforms are made available to Data Science (AI, ML etc.) projects to ensure that the proper resources are there to help execute and accelerate project milestones and outcomes.



Q: Looking back at 2020 what would say stands out the most for you?


A: 2020 was a unique year for me personally, with many highs and lows. We welcomed our little boy at the beginning of 2020 and were blessed to share our joy with family and friends. But when the pandemic hit, like many others, we closed our social circle and prioritized health and safety.  

The things I observed from the sidelines, specifically within the business and innovation community was the resilience, quick-to-action, and ‘what can I do to help’ attitude.  

I see SOSCIP, like so many of our partners in the innovation and technology space, working to support innovation as a whole, and I’m heartened by the success and promise that is emerging from the sustained commitment to excellence shown by our community.  


Q: Looking ahead, what opportunities do you see in 2021 for SOSCIP and the broader innovation ecosystem?


A: Unfortunately, we’re not through this pandemic yet and challenges and opportunities will continue to present itself. 

At SOSCIP, we aim to stay nimble and flexible in order to better serve the ecosystem. Moving into the new year, we will increase our engagement throughout the SME, Start-up, Scale-up and college communities with shorter projects, quick turn-around time on deliverable outcomes, and rapid onboarding onto our platforms.  

Also, now more than ever, we need to continue working closely with our ecosystem partners to ensure we are being optimally effective. To this end, SOSCIP will continue to partner with funding agencies and streamline our application, review and onboarding processes where it makes sense to do so, in order to be more conducive and responsive to industry. 



Q: How do you maintain health and wellness as a mother working from home in a pandemic?


A: Isn’t this the question of our times? And not only for mothers, but any parent! 

I am extremely grateful for a partner that I can truly lean on. A bit like a seesaw, we’ve been able to tag team and find that balance. 

I am also incredibly lucky to be living in a home with my mother-in-law and her parents, which means more hands to help with our little one.  

But like most mothers, we try to do too much. Actually, we try to do everything, which is insane and unrealistic; accepting this was a good start for me. I have learned to prioritize myself and my own well-being so that I can try and be the best self I can be for my family. For me, the things that keep me balanced are yoga, a walk or drive on my own, and cooking!