KDS & DCL: The Future of Distributed Computing in Canada

Kings Distributed Systems (KDS) and Distributed Compute Labs (DCL) are re-imagining what a distributed system can do. Building on a solid foundation of existing technology, KDS & DCL are working to ensure that “discovery and innovation is open, accessible and inclusive to all.”



The idea is simple, turn a university or high school lab desktop fleet into a distributed supercomputer and make it free to use, easy to access, and running the latest AI, ML and Data Science tools. The goal is critical, to support researchers by fulfilling unmet needs for computing resources that enable scientific and technological breakthroughs. The path is clear, enhance Canada’s compute resources at a national level by leaving no CPU and GPU sitting idle.?

Distributed Compute Labs is looking to partner with innovative Canadian Academic Institutions to pilot an experimental on-premises edge computing technology called the Distributed Computer. The Distributed Computer is a web-based and easy to use computing platform that augments on-campus computing capacity at academic institutions around the world by harnessing under-utilized campus computers, servers and devices to accelerate computational research, data science, and digital Innovation.

Democratizing access is at the heart of the Distribute Compute Labs’ philosophy and parallels SOSCIP’s own values. Like any distributed system, DCL’s Distributed Computer relies on scale to operate efficiently. The more partners it can find with idle resources to share the more powerful its computing capacity. The more developers and practitioners playing in their “low code, no install, no download” web environment, the more robust and fuller of features it will become. For universities and research centres looking to partner with DCL and participate in their Distributed Computer, click here. For developers and practitioners interested in learning more, click here.



Ultimately, KDS and DCL are expecting to be able to “increase the long term capacity of Canada’s national digital infrastructure and prepare the next generation of inventors and innovators by equipping them with the resources, tools, and skills to innovate and pursue the careers of the future.” We believe in that goal and share the commitment to preparing Canadians for the next digital wave of AI, ML & Data Science. SOSCIP is proud to support & power this exciting project.