Mission & Core Values

SOSCIP aims to foster a creative, collaborative and inclusive environment.


SOSCIP’s mission is to bring together industrial partners and academic researchers and provide them with sophisticated advanced computing technologies and expertise to solve social, technical and business challenges across sectors and drive economic growth.

Our mission is founded on the belief that data science education, training, and research can improve the way Canadians live and work.

SOSCIP’s Core Values


SOSCIP is committed to nurturing a respectful environment where all ideas, perspectives and approaches are welcome.


SOSCIP aspires to deliver excellence in everything we do, and we are committed to promoting research excellence in our collaborative partnerships.


SOSCIP values diversity, which helps to strengthen the quality and breadth of research undertaken in the SOSCIP community.


SOSCIP is committed to building data science partnerships between government, academia and industry for a better Canada.

Social Responsibility

SOSCIP believes in acting for the benefit of society at large, from the local to the global, with empathy and with compassion


SOSCIP is steadfast in our consistent and uncompromising adherence to acting according to our moral and ethical principles and our values.