SOSCIP Collaborative Projects

SOSCIP supports collaborative R&D projects that involve academic and industry researchers working together to solve challenging problems using SOSCIP’s computing platforms. For more information, contact:

How to Apply

  1. The SOSCIP team will assist you in early discussions and provide support in partnership building, computing expertise, and alignment with SOSCIP’s mandate.
  2. Interested applicants should complete the SOSCIP Collaborative Project Application form and share a draft with the Operations Manager. Where beneficial, the draft application can be shared with colleagues from IBM, Mitacs, and OCE to offer additional support.
  3. Completed applications will be evaluated by the SOSCIP Scientific Advisory Committee. There is no deadline for the submission of EOIs, but they will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Demonstrate close industry-academic R&D collaboration, economic benefit to Ontario and are very likely to be commercialized/implemented.
  • Demonstrate an innovative approach to solving an important challenge.
  • Include training opportunities for post-doctoral fellows and graduate students.
  • Anticipate tangible deliverables in the form of new technologies, new processes, significant skills transfer, job creation, or other downstream benefits to society.

For more information

Click here for more information about Terms of Use, Project Collaboration Agreement & Fees and Acknowledging SOSCIP in Publications.