SOSCIP Project Lifecycle

1. Pre-proposal consultation

Please contact us if you are interested in utilizing SOSCIP compute resources for your project.

Where appropriate, SOSCIP can provide assistance with:

  • Identifying high-calibre academic partners
  • Ensuring computing needs can be supported
  • Determining appropriate funding partners for the project

SOSCIP will provide an application form to eligible project teams.

2. Proposal development support

Our application process is interactive. SOSCIP staff will provide teams with continuous feedback to ensure high-quality applications are submitted for review. This can include assistance with:

  • Defining the industry challenge
  • Clarifying the collaborative partnership
  • Establishing achievable milestones
  • Determining the computational requirements for your project
  • Identifying and explaining project benefits
  • Identifying appropriate government funders

All proposals should be reviewed at least once with a SOSCIP Partnerships Officer prior to submission. Completed applications can be submitted at any time and are reviewed monthly by the SOSCIP Scientific Advisory Committee.

3. Project launch

Approved projects are launched with the assistance of SOSCIP’s technical experts, who will facilitate:

  • Training and onboarding onto the compute platforms
  • Installation of software required for the project

4. Ongoing project support

The SOSCIP team is available to provide technical support throughout the duration of the project.

Upon project completion, SOSCIP can support translation of project outcomes by linking industry partners with commercialization experts in the Southern Ontario innovation ecosystem.

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Terms of Use

SOSCIP’s general Terms of Use are available for your reference.