Project Information

Terms of Use

SOSCIP’s general Terms of Use are available for your reference.

Project Collaboration Agreement and Access Fee

All projects approved for access to SOSCIP’s advanced computing platforms must sign a Project Collaboration Agreement (PCA) and pay a one-time access fee of $5,000 + HST prior to the start of the project. If a project is unable to proceed within 60 days of the date the PCA is signed, due to technical or other limitations, the parties may withdraw their statement of work and the fee will be refunded. Note that the fee may be an eligible expense under some funding programs; in-kind contributions are not eligible in lieu of the fee.

Acknowledging SOSCIP in publications and presentations

We ask that you provide credit to SOSCIP and our partners in publications, presentations and other media. This helps get the word out about SOSCIP, as well as providing credit to our partner organizations who support SOSCIP operations and goals. For print publications, we ask that you use the following text, modifying the platform name as appropriate.

“Computations were performed on the SOSCIP Consortium’s [Parallel CPU, GPU and/or Cloud Data Analytics] computing platform(s). SOSCIP is funded by the FedDev Ontario, IBM Canada Ltd. and Ontario academic member institutions.”

To discuss acknowledgement in other forms of media, please feel free to contact us.