Age Related Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in Canada and the industrialized world, yet there are no treatments for the vast majority of patients. Led by Tracery Ophthalmics inc, and working with Translatum Medicus inc (TMi) and academic partners at the Robarts Research Institute, Western University, and the “High Risk Dry AMD Clinic” of St Michael’s Hospital, we will engage SOSCIP’s Cloud Analytics platform, including servers, software and human resources, to accelerate the search for new treatments.

Specifically, Tracery has developed a novel functional imaging method, “AMD Imaging” (AMDI) that has already generated unprecedented pictures of the retina (the film of the eye) that include both known and unknown “flavours” of disease (the phenotype). These complex images will be compared against an individual’s genetic makeup (their genotype) and their concurrent illnesses, medications, and lifestyle history (their epigenetics). Further, Tracery’s imaging will help identify particular patients that will benefit from TMi’s drug development program, and ultimately help doctors choose which treatment will work best. Over the course of two years, we will involve increasing numbers of medical experts and their patients to generate and amass AMDI images, evaluating them over time and against other modalities.

Ultimately, through the “I3” program, we will work with IBM to train Watson and the Medical Sieve to recognize and co‐analyse complex disease patterns in the context of the ever‐expanding scientific literature. In short, we will leverage cloud‐based computing, to integrate image‐based and structured data, genomics and large data analytic to unite global users. We anticipate that this approach will significantly accelerate drug development, providing personalized treatment for the right patient at the right time.

Industry Partner(s):Tracery Ophthalmics

Academic Institution:Western University

Academic Researcher: Ali Khan

Co-PI Name: Filiberto Altomare, Louis Giavedoni & Steven Scherer

Focus Areas: Digital Media, Health

Platforms: Cloud