Vubble is a media tech company that builds solutions for trustworthy digital video distribution and curation. Using a combination of algorithms and human curators, Vubble searches the internet to locate video content of interest to its users. Vubble is collaborating with Dr. Vida Movahedi from Seneca’s School of Information and Communication Technology to develop a machine-learning algorithm that will automatically output highly probable categories for videos. With this algorithm implemented into the Vubble workflow to assist in automated video identification, Vubble will be able to better address their existing, and emerging, customer demands, while increasing their productivity and competitiveness. This video identification research project will be Vubble’s first step in understanding how to automate the identification of accurate video. The need for automation of videos curation is prevalent, as video is quickly becoming the world’s dominant form of media consumption, particularly for digital native younger audiences. Furthermore, the results of the applied research will aid Vubble in moving forward in addressing what they believe is a looming problem facing all media consumers, and society, the rising of fake news video created from archival footage.

Industry Partner(s):Vubble Inc.

Academic Institution:Seneca College

Academic Researcher: Vida Movahedi

Focus Areas: Digital Media

Platforms: Cloud