We propose to develop a cloud based image centered informatics system powered by newly developed big data analytics from our group for automatic diagnosis and prognosis of heart failure (HF). HF is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Ontario and around the world. There is no cure. Therefore early diagnosis and accurate prediction is very critical before the symptoms appears. However, previously lack of efficient image analytics tool has been the major pitfall to have an accurate prognosis and early diagnosis system. The system will greatly improve the clinical accuracy and enables accurate early diagnosis and prediction by intelligently analyzing all associated historical images and clinical reports. The final system will not only greatly reduce the sudden death and irreversible cardiac conditions, but also offers a great optimization of decision system in current healthcare. This project is based on strength built upon one successful SOSCIP project and two OCE projects.

Industry Partner(s):London X-ray Associates

Academic Institution:Western University

Academic Researcher: Li Shuo

Focus Areas: Cybersecurity, Health

Platforms: Cloud, GPU