The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging phenomenon that enables ordinary devices to generate sensor data and interact with one another to improve daily life. The maritime world has not escaped to the influence of the IoT revolution. We are in the midst of a technological wave in which vessels are not the only ones carrying sensors (GPS or radar) anymore, but other maritime entities such as cranes, crates, boats, pickup trucks, etc. are being equipped with the same capabilities. This trend constitutes the backbone of the so-called Maritime Internet of Things (mIoT).

This project is about exploiting the tide of sensor data emitted by a myriad of maritime entities in order to improve both internal and collaborative processes of mIoT-related organizations; for instance, think of a Port Authority adjusting its berthing and unloading schedule upon receiving notice that a vessel has been delayed by harsh weather conditions. The challenge addressed by this research project is the generation of actionable intelligence for Decision Support using Big Data analytics. Actionable intelligence includes anomalies, alerts, threats, potential response generation, process refinement and other types of knowledge that improve the efficiency of a maritime-related organization and/or the manner in which it interacts with other similar organizations.

Industry Partner(s):Larus Technologies Inc.

Academic Institution:University of Ottawa

Academic Researcher: Emil Petriu

Focus Areas: Advanced Manufacturing

Platforms: Cloud, GPU