The Centre for Innovation in Visualization and Data Driven Design (CIVDDD), an Ontario ORF-RE project performs research for which SOSCIP resources are needed and they were awarded NSERC CRD funding with IBM Platform [Applications of IBM Platform Computing solutions for solving Data Analytics and 3D Scalable Video Cloud Transcoder Problems] beginning in July 2015. This project involves Big Data, Visualization and Transcoding and will train many HQP. We require access to equipment capable of running a multi-core cluster using IBM Symphony and Big Insights software with IBM Platform on data analytics, visualization and transcoding. Our objectives include:

IBM Platform:

  • Test the applicability of Platform Symphony to Data Analytics problems to produce demonstrations of Symphony on application domains (we started by exploring streaming traffic analysis datasets) and identify improvements to Symphony to gain IBM advantage in the marketplace.
  • Design and implement methods to greatly speed-up the search for high utility frequent itemsets in big data using Symphony in a parallel distributed environment.
  • Design algorithms to determine which are suitable in such an environment.
  • Identify commercialization venues in application domains.
  • Exploration of a Scalable Video Cloud Transcoder for Wireless Multicasts

Industry Partner(s):IBM Spectrum Computing

Academic Institution:York University

Academic Researcher: Aijun An

Co-PI Name: Amir Asif

Focus Areas: Cities, Digital Media, Energy, Water

Platforms: Cloud