The challenge that currently has arisen because of COVID is that in-person appointments with doctors are not possible and everyone has to use Telemedicine. Though Telemedicine is a great convenience, the problem with current Telemedicine systems is that they cannot be used to virtually examine patients and identify if COVID-19 symptoms are present. The main reason for this is because our current Telemedicine systems lack integration with medical devices that allow capturing physiological signals over the web. We are working towards integrating these medical devices into Telemedicine platforms so that the diagnostic utility of Telemedicine can be improved, and these platforms can be used to virtually assess patients over the web.

Our software platform integrates digital medical devices into Telemedicine video conference platforms that allows doctors to assess COVID-19 symptoms from captured physiological signals and provides large scale machine learning aided COVID screening at home. Imagine Telemedicine appointments where in addition to just consulting with your doctor via video tele-conference you can have them hear your heart/lung sounds, take your temperature, blood pressure, weight, blood oxygenation all in real-time and over the internet. We are building the software infrastructure that will allow Telemedicine platforms to seamlessly integrate the plethora of digital medical devices on the market, which enable this functionality, natively into their software ecosystems. Additionally, our platform also offers an intelligent layer of machine learning software that aids doctors in consolidating patient data, clinical decision making, computer aided diagnosis and carrying out appropriate follow-ups and referrals.

Industry Partner(s):Vinci Labs

Academic Institution:University of Toronto

Academic Researcher: Yip, Christopher

Focus Areas: COVID-19

Platforms: GPU