This project addresses the pressing need for remote monitoring of long-term care homes to ensure potential cases of COVID-19 are identified early, isolated and treated.

Ryerson University’s Xiao-Ping Zhang, in concert with Altum View Systems Inc., will develop AI-based algorithms and systems to screen and monitor acoustic respiration patterns for COVID-19 in real-time, using customer mobile devices (e.g., mobile phones, wireless headphones, smart wrist-watches, etc.), low-cost electronic stethoscopes, and professional respiration monitor diagnostic devices. The COVID-19 acoustic respiration pattern screening and monitoring system will be incorporated into and complement Altum View Systems Inc.’s current camera-based health monitoring system for home care and long-term care facilities.

Industry Partner(s):AltumView Systems Inc.

Academic Institution:Ryerson University

Academic Researcher: Zhang, Xiao-Ping

Focus Areas: COVID-19

Platforms: Cloud, GPU