Struggling to breathe has been a challenge that existing monitoring devices have faced, for identifying early symptoms of respiratory diseases such as novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Measuring respiratory rate alone would result in potentially missing if a patient was unable to inhale a full breath.

To overcome this challenge, a novel technology solution invented in Canada is used through an Intelligent Bed Sheet, with the ability to continuously monitor if a patient has normal, shallow, or irregular breathing.

This collaboration with York University will revolve around developing a Severity Index by identifying earlier when a patient is struggling to breathe. Using the most advanced electronic fabric technology, the SOSCIP Platform will support computing challenges by using large amounts of breathing data in a constantly changing environment, to precisely identify before a patient’s breathing becomes more severe.

Industry Partner(s):Studio 1 Labs Inc.

Academic Institution:York University

Academic Researcher: Steven Wang

Focus Areas: COVID-19

Platforms: Cloud, GPU