This project aims to implement an end-to-end (E2E) Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) driven demand forecasting predictive model pipeline to increase process efficiencies, help improve forecast accuracy, forecast bias and forecast value added and unlock trapped capacity in the business ensuring improved service, optimum inventory, better production scheduling and better P&L forecasting. As participants in this consortium, Unilever, Larus and SOSCIP bring unique contributions that augment the benefits of the initiative from both scientific and business perspectives. More specifically, Unilever brings unique knowledge of business and operational landscape, curated and diverse data sets and analytics expertise in story building and turning data into insights, Larus brings unique expertise in AI/ML decision making and optimization systems and SOSCIP provides the required high performance computing platforms to run ML algorithms utilizing large data sets with optimal performance.

Industry Partner(s):Unilever Canada Inc., Larus Technologies

Academic Researcher: Petriu, Emil

Focus Areas: Business Analytics

Platforms: Cloud, GPU