The Covid-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented damage to the public health and world economy.  Being able to accurately forecast the spread of Covid-19 is critical for the federal and provincial governments of Canada to devise policies and measures maximally protecting the lives of Canadians and rapidly reviving the Canadian economy. Not only important at present, developing advanced epidemic projection algorithms and techniques also helps prevent future epidemics of other infectious diseases. In this project, we set out to develop advanced forecasting algorithms for the spread of Covid-19 across Canada. Specifically, we will exploit the behaviour information of the population revealed on social media as well as the correlation of the Covid-19 spread across different regions of Canada. Our development will integrate modern AI techniques in data analytics, machine learning and natural language processing with the conventional mathematical models for infectious diseases. The developed algorithms will be hosted on a web platform, which will provide accurate daily predictions of Covid-19 spread and release them to the public. These predictions will assist the governments to strategically adjust policies for the protection of Canadian lives and the revival of the Canadian economy. Individuals, families, schools and businesses will all benefit from this new source of information in their planning processes.

Industry Partner(s):Advanced Symbolics Inc.

Academic Institution:University of Ottawa

Academic Researcher: Yongi Mao

Focus Areas: COVID-19

Platforms: GPU