There are many medical applications of light, such as bioluminescent imaging (BLI) and photodynamic therapy for cancer treatment (PDT). These applications require rapid and accurate simulation of how light will scatter and be absorbed in complex human tissue in order to image tissue (e.g. BLI), or to determine where a light-sensitive drug will be activated and destroy cells (e.g. PDT). This project will use agile computing (FPGA hardware) to simulate light propagation very accurately with the Monte Carlo method but much more quickly and power-efficiently than in a conventional computer. The first aspect of the project is to complete our prototype agile implementation of this simulator and scale up its performance and the problem sizes it can handle. The second aspect is to complete a workflow using this simulator along with meshing, visualization and light source placement optimization to make a clinically useful PDT treatment planning system.

Industry Partner(s):IBM Canada Ltd.

Academic Institution:University of Toronto

Academic Researcher: Vaughn Betz

Co-PI Name: Lothar Lilge

Focus Areas: Advanced Manufacturing

Platforms: Cloud