A new generation of radio telescopes is opening new windows on the Universe, allowing astronomers to observe the cosmos in unprecedented ways. Powered by the ongoing revolution in computing, these new telescopes operate at the cutting edge of digital technologies. New algorithms are being developed at a spectacular pace, and we are forging a new partnership with the Markham branch of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to add to these, developing new tools and opening new possibilities in radio astronomy, software defined radio, and similar telecommunications technologies.  High-cadence mitigation of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), advanced Digital Beamforming techniques, and Dynamic Spectral reshaping will all be developed and ported to an open software framework, allowing it to be used on a wide variety of computational and signal processing hardware.

Industry Partner(s):Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

Academic Institution:University of Toronto

Academic Researcher: Keith Vanderlinde

Focus Areas: Aerospace & Defence, Digital Media

Platforms: Cloud