RaveDJ is all about enabling people to create music with AI. Over the past few years our team has worked tirelessly to make RaveDJ the world’s first fully autonomous DJ system. A system that can seamlessly mix together a set of songs to produce the optimal mix to listen to as well as unique combinations or mashups of two songs into one. RaveDJ is currently producing around 10-50 TB per day of mashups and mixes for people all around the world.  RaveDJ is hosted on our website www.rave.dj as well as our app Rave (get.rave.io/download) which has millions of users from around the world. SOSCIP’s platform will enable us to investigate ways of using bleeding edge machine learning techniques to navigate around existing inefficiencies in our existing system, as well as to take a leap beyond its current level of performance with new research advances. SOSCIP’s platform is exceptional for helping us achieve these goals as it can support training of deep neural networks on very large datasets of music videos. This is a requirement for analyzing and generating thousands of high-resolution videos at record speed. The platform that SOSCIP provides is perfect for running the experiments that are required to produce models that can perform these tasks efficiently as well as addressing new and novel problems in using AI for creative applications. The collaboration is between Rave, Prof. Graham Taylor and Prof. Stefan Kramer at University of Guelph.

Industry Partner(s):Rave Inc.

Academic Institution:University of Guelph

Academic Researcher: Graham Taylor

Focus Areas: Digital Media

Platforms: GPU