Plasmonic metasurfaces are engineered human-fabricated surfaces on which there is nanometer scale structure, usually containing metallic features. These nanoscale features can resonantly interact with light through the excitation of electric charge density oscillations, or surface plasmons. As plasmonic metasurfaces have essentially infinite design potential — including designer resonant behaviour and strong nanoscale light field enhancements — there is currently a great deal of interest in using them for a wide range of applications, from flat optical devices to biosensing to enhanced nonlinear optical signals3 to colour production4. A major focus of this project will be to perform large scale computational electrodynamics simulations on the Blue Gene Q to understand and design plasmonic metasurfaces. The work will be connected to projects underway with several Canadian industrial partners, as well as a plan to engage with several others, and will involve multiple trainees at various stages in their education – from undergraduate to postdoctoral fellow.

Industry Partner(s):The Royal Canadian Mint

Academic Institution:University of Ottawa

Academic Researcher: Lora Ramunno

Co-PI Name: Pierre Berini

Focus Areas: Advanced Manufacturing

Platforms: GPU, Parallel CPU