TriNetra Systems Inc. (TriNetra) is an agile and fast-growing enterprise software development and services company specializing in IT-business alignment for service-oriented architectures, with clients like e-Health Ontario. TriNetra is developing blockchain tools and solutions to aid in establishing a system of trust and transparency in professional healthcare market enterprise architecture, DevOps, cloud and mobile technologies, IT processes, and governance. Their project called “Octochain” uses blockchain technology for an online, fast, easy and reliable way to confirm credentials. TriNetra is collaborating with ConnexHealth, a Personal Support Worker (PSW) placement company, to implement a system for verifying PSW candidate qualifications, achievements, certifications and résumés. TriNetra is proposing to collaborate with Seneca to extend the features of this new blockchain system to include machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI) capabilities to match candidates to job assignments based on their entire profile, including certifications, training, geography, work history, and availability. It increases trust between the PSWs and employers, and thus improves social assistance and medical service planning for elderly and disabled individuals. It empowers PSWs by providing suitable assignments and by improving pay, because of validated credentials and experience. Responding to the vastly changed PSW market and constraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this project will empower, efficiently mobilize and sustainably deploy individual PSWs.

Industry Partner(s):TriNetra Systems Inc

Academic Institution:Seneca College

Academic Researcher: Bucher, Mark

Focus Areas: COVID-19

Platforms: GPU