The project will focus on creating a Data architecture that will be composed of models, policies, rules and standards that will monitor which data is collected, and how it is stored, arranged and integrated into the system. The task of the professor and the student will be to create a data architecture and a machine learning algorithm that will help build a robust user-profile system that will help extract, store, build and analyse up to 1 million user profiles. This profile system will also be in charge of generating at least 50 behavioral data or 64 bytes of data per second. Simultaneously, the given data architecture will provide over 5 million user-profile recognitions per day through the use of predictive modeling and the given REST API call. This will help detect suspicious activities and anomalies without the use of browser cookies, location, and hardware information. For this project, the professor and the student will be given access to a part of F8th’s repository and must work together as a team to build a user-profile system that will help extract the given user profiles. This data architecture will help tolerate the behavioral data noise caused by the modification of input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, mobile and laptop. As F8th IDaaS is an Identity as a Service Solution (as described above), it is necessary to provide predictions on the given trained models (also known as behavioral biometrics). The market requires the predictions of the models to be done in less than 1 second (something that will be discussed later on when the project is being worked on by the professor and the student). The service must be provided at a reasonable cost and time; hence, it is very important to monitor the data as well as the resource consumption continuously. Lastly, as the project is to be worked on between the professor and the student as a team-constant discussions, comparisons, and decisions regarding the quality and the affordability of the solution will have to be done by the student and the professor.

Industry Partner(s):F8th AI

Academic Institution:Western University

Academic Researcher: Ouda, Abdelkader

Focus Areas: AI, Cybersecurity, Health, ICT

Platforms: Cloud