This project will establish the first customer-centric universal tool using mobile/cloud technology to deliver & share energy information electronically with energy customers to stimulate social change, encourage conservation & help manage/reduce GHG emissions.

A global desire to manage climate change is here. There needs to be a joint effort to help the energy user gain access to electronic information, so the data can be used to better manage conservation, sustainability and technology integration. Innovation in the energy sector continues to create data silos, as new technologies used don’t allow for the data to freely flow out of the systems to other solutions. Customers require easy access & a simplified understanding of electric information (not print or PDFs). For this to happen, the end customer requires data to be managed, simplified & shared, so information can be “open” to innovation and electronic data to be standardized.

The market needs Green practices and conservation to flourish in the private sector and public sector. Internationally and in Ontario, there are regulatory and political requirements to provide end-user access to electronic data, but without a simplified roadmap to interconnectivity how will it happen? The market needs linkages to the “Internet of Things” to learn, inform and conserve. In a few short years, there will be more than 25 billion devices generating data on every topic imaginable. The energy customer and building owner needs simplified data from multiple sources. Screaming has an opportunity to deliver this information cost-effectively to the utility, government & customer.

Industry Partner(s):Screaming Power

Academic Institution:Ryerson University

Academic Researcher: Cherie Ding

Focus Areas: Cybersecurity, Digital Media, Energy

Platforms: Cloud, GPU