The design challenge is that as city populations rapidly increase, urban densification through vertical design will demand highly efficient, optimized and safe built environments to suit a changing climate. Therefore building and urban designers in the Architecture and Engineering (A&E) industry can benefit greatly from having access to robust, accurate, fast and cost effective wind modelling processes to assist in building and urban design performance simulation. However, urban wind flows are highly complex due to the time and spatial characteristics of the wind, its turbulence characteristics, and its interaction with the urban environment. Computational wind simulations therefore require very advanced modelling processes and demand enormous computational resources to replicate this phenomena. A validated and trusted computational wind simulation process, developed through this partnership, will offer new ways through which design practitioners can improve design, make buildings safer, more efficient and reduce building construction costs and materials through concept optimization. This research collaboration will allow the Ontario business and research community to continue to play its global and leading role in the application and export of its resources and expertise in physical testing and computational wind engineering.

Industry Partner(s):Stephenson Engineering, Klimaat Consulting & Innovation Inc., Wasau Tile

Academic Institution:Western University

Academic Researcher: Girma Bitsuamlak

Focus Areas: Cities, Clean Tech

Platforms: Parallel CPU