This project addresses two specific challenges related to promotional planning in the consumer-packaged goods sector. The first output will be to develop and evaluate models that statistically predict the impact of Unilever promotions on category and product share across different retailers. This effort will lead to the creation of trade promotion optimization techniques that enables planning of promotional activities. The second output is to simulate potential outcomes of various combinations of promotional programs across different retailers in such a way as to inform investment decisions early in the planning process. Finally, the project aims to develop a systematic approach for allocation of promotional spend that permits continuous adjustment as market and competitor conditions change. These three objectives will be developed using a proof of concept approach: therefore, specific objectives are as follows: 1. Develop a POC that provides models, simulation results and a systematic model for allocation of promotional spend using limited data from a few product categories and customers. 2. Expand the POC to address a larger set of categories and customers. 3. Build on objective two to create an automated model and process.

Industry Partner(s):Unilever Canada Inc.

Academic Institution:University of Ottawa

Academic Researcher: Greg Richards

Focus Areas: Digital Media

Platforms: Cloud