VISR a new service offering a simple, effective and kid-friendly tool to help parents keep kids safe on social media; only notifying them when behaviors such as bullying, risky geotagging, and unusual times of use are detected. VISR aims to give parents the tools they need to help them know when there may be an issue they should know about – while building trust and communication with their kids. VISR was founded in July 2014 and launched their beta in April 2015. With already 1000+ users, they are quickly gaining traction. To date VISR has analyzed over 1 million posts, generated 8000+ alerts across 20+ alert categories, and supports 6 major social networks including: Instagram, YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and KidsEmail.

Industry Partner(s):Visr

Academic Institution:University Of Ottawa

Academic Researcher: Diana Inkpen

Focus Areas: Digital Media, Health

Platforms: Cloud, GPU