Real-time monitoring of water quality for bacterial contamination is difficult with present technologies in the market. Assessing water quality for bacterial contamination takes a long time, costly, tiresome, laboratory-based, and mostly not available to where testing and results are needed most. Water samples are tested by municipalities at specified locations and one or twice in a year. This is mainly due to time, cost and complexity involved in testing water samples for bacterial contamination.

The data collected by the regulators is not sufficient to estimate the future trends of water quality. Clearly, there remains a need for a rapid and reliable drinking water quality monitoring for more remote communities and mitigating future illness and outbreak risks in these and other rural or remote communities. Mobile Water Kit (MWK) is a rapid and low-cost test kit that can detect indicator bacteria (E. coli) in water samples within one hour. MWK is a simple method and it will be an optimal solution for testing water samples for bacterial contamination on daily basis.

The proposed project will utilize the functionality of MWK for creating water quality data management for bacterial contamination. We will develop m-Water APP for retrieving the water quality data from MWK and web-console for analyzing the retrieved data over cloud platform. We use the data collected with MWK for analyzing the trends in water quality over a time period. In addition, we will map the water quality data and forecast the E. coli outbreaks with the help of stored data. This project will provide an early warning signal about water quality to the communities, regulators, and/or municipalities. This kind of real-time monitoring of water quality not only empowers the communities with access to clean water but also delivers much-needed intervention for public health.

Industry Partner(s):Grintex

Academic Institution:University of Waterloo

Academic Researcher: Sushanta Mitra

Focus Areas: Digital Media, Water

Platforms: Cloud