In vaccine and therapy development for infectious diseases, advanced optical imaging is used to measure the interaction of virus and the host cell. Current microscopes are relatively slow that will only provide a “snapshot” of the biological interactions. In order to develop diagnostic methods and effective treatment, it is necessary to image these dynamic interactions continuously like a movie. Additionally, the stream of images will also need to be processed and analyzed rapidly using new computation methods. To address such a challenge, we plan to develop high-speed microscopic imaging instruments and related image processing and analysis technology. These technologies will enable us to build a customized microscope capable of high-speed quantitative imaging of virus-host interactions in live cells for infectious disease diagnosis and therapeutic treatment research. This project module will primarily focus on image processing and analysis algorithm development.

Industry Partner(s):McFocal

Academic Institution:McMaster University

Academic Researcher: Hayward, Joseph

Focus Areas: Advanced Manufacturing, Health

Platforms: Cloud, GPU