AI Industry Day – Regulatory Call to Action, May 28


SOSCIP, in partnership with University of Toronto and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, is hosting a full-day event on Monday, May 28th at MaRS Centre in Toronto, in order to explore opportunities to support an unprecedented overhaul of Canada’s regulatory framework. Also, to allow for modernization of the Canadian regulatory system through advanced computing and data science.

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat are ready to work with SOSCIP’s talented academic and industrial members to answer this specific data science challenge:

Can advanced analytics and machine learning be used to make the Canadian regulatory system more agile, transparent and responsive, so that businesses across the country can explore and act on new opportunities, resulting in benefits for all Canadians?

About the Event

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) is seeking to review over 2,600 federal regulations and regulatory practices related to health/biosciences, transportation sector, and agri-food and aquaculture in order to identify impediments to innovation and economic growth. For that reason, in partnership with SOSCIP and the University of Toronto, TBS is hosting a day of discussion and call-to-action and is looking for industry partners and academic researchers to help apply AI analytics and machine learning to regulations of varying type, scope and complexity.

The morning session will enable attendees to:

  • Become familiar with the upcoming showcase and available data regarding federal regulations;
  • Provide and leverage insight on additional data sources ;
  • Discuss methodological approaches in the process; and
  • Communicate next steps towards a showcase event in September.

The afternoon will consist of a working session where we invite everyone to collaborate and dig into the data. Bring your laptop – Access to SOSCIP’s compute infrastructure will be available. Also, regulatory data sets and SOSCIP compute infrastructure will be made available to all attendees.

Furthermore, beyond supporting the Government of Canada’s regulatory reform agenda, industry partners and academic researchers have the potential to market the resulting products and tools to other regulators or regulated parties. An AI analytics and machine learning showcase will take place in September 2018 with prizes for top products. A call for proposals will be in June with the final product by the end of August.

Registration is closed.

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