Jaroslaw Szlichta

University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Project Title: Distributed and scalable search in enterprise databases
Industry Partner: IBM Canada Ltd.
Project Partners: Lukasz Golab, Mehdi Kargar
Platforms: Agile, Cloud Analytics

Digital Media

Google search, and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo!, provide a convenient way to find webpages that contain various keywords or are related to particular topics. For the purposes of searching, webpages are essentially loosely structured paragraphs of text. However, much of the world’s high-quality enterprise data are structured into well defined tables containing sets of well-defined columns. One consequence of structured database design is that information about a single entity may be scattered across many columns in many tables, and must be stitched together in a meaningful way when answering user queries. This turns out to be significantly more difficult than finding webpages or text documents containing various keywords. As Dr. Surajit Chadhuri (a Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research) recently argued in a keynote talk at the IEEE Data Engineering conference, search over structured databases has fallen behind search over unstructured data. In the proposed research, we will develop a powerful and intuitive search system, akin to Web keyword search, for structured enterprise data. Our system will empower nontechnical users to explore enterprise databases and turn big data into actionable insight, just as Google search has empowered society to explore the web.