Sara Diamond

OCAD University
Project Title: Understanding the media consumer: development and implementation of novel analytics tools
Industry Partner: The Globe and Mail
Platform: Cloud

Digital Media



In a big data era where patterns in user consumption of media change over time, news media companies (such as The Globe and Mail) are seeking tools to analyze and visualize the vast amount of data they have collected online to monetize digital consumption. They must better understand their users’ behaviors, build their subscriber base, maintain their online readers, determine advertising placements, in order to deepen and diversify their revenue streams.

This project builds upon our past and existing collaborations with The Globe and Mail using data and visual analytics to enhance their online service to their readers, to sustain and increase subscribers, to increase site visits and retention, and to transform editorial decision-making so that data is used effectively to sustain, build, and support the Globe and Mail audience. This project builds upon existing long-term collaborations between OCAD University and The Globe and Mail that focus on using data and visual analytics to enhance their business sustainability. This research will analyze and synthesize data collected by the Globe and Mail about their subscribers and their web-browsing habits to create an interactive visualization tool that allows marketers to better understand the psychological profiles and consumer patterns of specific audiences. Furthermore, the tool will connect the web-traffic data to demographic data from, allowing marketers to obtain a rounded view of their audience, and also to data about ad exposure so that marketers can track the impact of their campaigns. While the data is complex and large, the software will aggregate it into meaningful ways that can be communicated visually. The project requires SOSCIP’s cloud-analytics platform in order to effectively manage and analyze the vast quantity of data available and needed to undertake this analysis.