Ue-Li Pen

University of Toronto
Project Title: Agile real time radio signal processing
Project Title: Virtualized radio-VLBI digital media
Industry Partner: Thoth Technology Inc.
Platforms: Agile Computing, Blue Gene/Q, Large Memory System

Digital Media

Agile real time radio signal processing

Canadian VLBI capability has been missing for a decade. Jointly with Thoth Technology Inc we propose to restore domestic and international VLBI infrastructure that will be commercialized by Thoth Technology Inc. This project will implement and optimize multi-telescope correlation and analysis software on the SOSCIP BGQ, Agile and LMS platforms. The resulting pipeline package will allow commercial turnkey VLBI delivery by Thoth Technology Inc to domestic and international customers into a market of about $10 million/year.

Virtualized radio-VLBI digital media

We propose to build real time portable radio baseband data digital media infrastructure, enabling linking of the Algonquin Radio Telescope to an international VLBI network. This work includes the development and permanent deployment of a custom receiver, FPGA real-time acquisition, high speed streaming of digitized radio signals at 1GB/sec to a disk array, software infrastructure to coordinate and communicate with partner radio telescopes and space communication dishes.