SOSCIP announces Dr. Jennifer MacLean as Executive Director

As the new Executive Director of SOSCIP, Dr. Jennifer MacLean is well-known among the advanced computing research community. Joining SOSCIP in Sept. 2016 as Operations Manager, MacLean is responsible for launching 50 active collaborative R&D projects and providing dedicated partnership expertise to help academic researchers and their industrial partners meet significant milestones. As Executive Director of SOSCIP, Dr. MacLean is determined to expand on SOSCIP’s legacy, helping academic and industry researchers deliver meaningful outcomes to the province of Ontario.

“Your success is our success”

Having launched more than 50 collaborative R&D projects sprinkled across the province of Ontario within her first year, Dr. MacLean has built a solid reputation for her strong partnership building skills and results-driven attitude.

“I am motivated to see success in all of our active projects. SOSCIP’s number one goal for the year ahead is to provide the support and technology that each of our academic and industry researchers need to be successful in their collaborations,” she said, noting that many projects are starting to see exciting results. “Your success is our success.”

SOSCIP will be razor-focused in building even more strategic partnerships, both within Ontario and across Canada, according to MacLean.

“We are already looking at ways to be more strategic and to better align our activities with that of the ARC ecosystem. By building and strengthening these relationships, we can better support researchers in their efforts to commercialize, develop new products and services, and solve business problems important to Canadians.”

SOSCIP is also exploring new partnerships with organizations within Ontario and across Canada, and working to expand platform access and offerings for industry and academic researchers, including access to artificial intelligence applications.

“There is so much happening in AI,” says MacLean. “Industry is looking to SOSCIP for access to our unique technology offerings and to leverage our streamlined academic partnership approach.  From large, well-known household Canadian companies to start-ups, we’re establishing partnerships that deliver meaningful results for industry, long term research progress, and career opportunities for students. It’s an exciting time and I’m thrilled to be at the helm.”