SOSCIP announces Tibor Turi as Executive Director

Tibor Turi, PhD, a professional engineer with more than 25 years’ experience in materials, nanotechnology and innovation collaboration has been appointed the new executive director of SOSCIP, and he is eager to lead the research and development consortium toward a future filled with innovative opportunities.

SOSCIP’s mission is to bring together industrial partners and academic researchers and provide them with advanced computing technologies to solve social, technical and business challenges.

“We’re a bridge, not a destination,” Tibor says. “We facilitate connections and provide our researchers access to leading-edge technology, technical expertise, and project support to ensure they overcome any obstacles.”

“This recipe has fostered a proven track record of success, while helping our partners commercialize new products and services, create new jobs and grow their companies.”

Drawing on its $10 million in renewed funding from FedDev Ontario, the consortium has plans to scale-up its collaborative research model, expand new partnerships among academic and industry and accelerate the commercialization support opportunities to Ontario-based industry partners.

Under Tibor’s guidance, SOSCIP will help facilitate 400 new collaborative projects over the next three years and contribute to the growth of innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs). “By tapping into world-leading research expertise at Ontario’s colleges and universities, SOSCIP makes it easy for companies to access the latest in AI and data science technologies, as well as the talent needed to sustain long term company growth,” says Tibor.

“We’re now entering SOSCIP 3.0, the next exciting instalment.”

Tibor, who has a PhD in nanotechnology, is uniquely qualified to lead SOSCIP and its partners toward this promising future. He previously held senior leadership roles within the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) Ontario regional office. In both of these roles, Tibor focused on facilitating strategic industry-research partnerships across the province.

Building a strong future for Canadians, the SOSCIP ecosystem is a key component of the economic development fabric in Ontario through its contributions to a skilled and innovative economy. “I’m an innovator at heart and SOSCIP brings together all of the elements I find exciting,” says Tibor. “I am eager for this next phase of SOSCIP and to ensure that we make a difference.”