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The 3 Stages of a SOSCIP Project

A SOSCIP Project requires an industry-academic collaboration, clear and realizable commercialization objectives, and advanced compute capabilities.

Luckily, SOSCIP can help you at every step of the process. See below for more information or contact us directly.

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Stage #1: Partnering & Project Team Building

SOSCIP is built on collaboration. We pride ourselves on bringing great talent together to solve the most difficult problems of the day. In order to do that, we pair industry partners with academic researchers so that the result is both scientifically excellent and commercially viable.

We Help You Build the Perfect Project Team

SOSCIP is a one-stop-shop for creating world-class project teams. Our recipe is simple: you tell us what you need, we provide a list of possible options, we boil that down together, then make the connections.

If you’re coming from industry, SOSCIP will introduce you to world-class post-secondary research institutions and academic partners in your field. If you’re from academe, we will help you find the perfect industry partner to take your research to market.

In this step, we

  • Assess your project goals and field of study
  • Assess potential candidates for partnerships
  • Unite you with the perfect partner(s) for your research team to succeed

Stage #2: Planning & Proposing

Once your project team is ready, you’ll need a plan. We help with that too: from setting out the problem to setting up achievable milestones. SOSCIP refines your project proposal and gets it ready for a rigourous screening from our Scientific Advisory Committee.

We Assist You in Constructing A Viable Project Proposal

For a project to move down the pipeline, it needs to be well planned and well written so it can get approval from our Scientific Advisory Committee. To ensure that your project can fly out the gate, our team will review your proposal for coherence and completeness.

We also help you determine the computational requirements for your project, establish achievable milestones, and provide streamlined access to support on how to successfully commercialize your project.

In this step, we

  • Provide writing advice so your project proposal is coherent and complete
  • Provide technical and business advice to establish project requirements
  • Assist you in setting achievable project goals including commercialization

Stage #3: Computing & Commercializing

Once your team is in place and your plan is ready for action, it’s time to get to the fun part: crunching the data. Our state-of-the-art advanced research computing platforms come in three kinds: GPU-Accelerated, Parallel CPU and Cloud Analytics.

During your planning phase you’ll have made a choice about which platform(s) you’ll be working on, and once you’re ready to go, SOSCIP will help you on-board seamlessly. From there, it’s straight sailing to the commercialization of your research!

We Help You Get Your Project Up and Running

Our dedicated experts will assist you and your project team in setting up on our advanced research computing platforms. They’ll ensure that every application required for your project is running smoothly so that you can start right away.

SOSCIP’s staff will also advise you on how to best structure your workflow to take maximum advantage of our parallel computing infrastructure. We’ll also monitor your project as it develops, ensuring minimal downtime so you can meet your milestones.

Finally, SOSCIP will check-in with you regularly to make sure your product, service or process is on track for commercialization.

In this step, we

  • Ensure all required software is installed and up to date
  • Assist you in optimizing your workflow on parallel computers
  • Check in with you regularly to ensure your results are ready for market

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