Toronto-based startup accelerator, Next AI accepting applications

NextAI is a startup accelerator located in Toronto, Canada, accepting applications for its 2018 cohort. NextAI is for entrepreneurs, students, professionals and scientists looking to commercialize research and launch AI-enabled ventures.  It is for existing teams with early-stage companies as well as individuals seeking co-founders with different skill sets to start something new.

NextAI is the 3rd program from next NEXT Canada (joining Next 36 and Next Founders), a national nonprofit with a seven year track record of delivering founder development programs to a small group of exceptional entrepreneurs.

NextAI runs from in Toronto from February to September and offers participants a unique combination of resources, including:

Funding. Up to $200K per venture. 50K upon commencement of program in February 2018.

  • Founder Development. In-depth business and technical courses taught by award-winning global faculty and subject matter experts.  A curriculum focused on AI technologies and business foundation skills.
  • Access to Leading AI Technologies and Tools. Unique access to platforms and people at tech giants including IBM, NVIDIA, Google, Amazon and more.
  • Work with Top Research Scientists and Corporate Mentors. Insight into major corporate challenges and access to massive data sets and domain expertise.
  • Office Space in an AI-focused Hub. Cutting edge workspace in downtown Toronto, surrounded by a critical mass of AI innovators, service providers and investors.
  • Support for international applicants. NextAI (NEXT Canada) is a designated entity under the Start-up Visa Program.

Applications open September 20 and individual applications close November 12. If you would like to learn more about NextAI, please reach out to Annick Dufort-Bird, Program Manager at